Terms and Conditions

To use SquareDox services, the Terms & Condition of SquareDox are listed below.

  • The Site contains materials that are restrictive and are ensured by copyright laws, trademarks, benefit marks, and other mental property laws and arrangements.
  • Eligibility age depends on your resident jurisdiction which competent to agree to the Terms.
  • If you accept any terms and conditions of SquareDox, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to agree to all Terms on behalf of mentioned organization or entity.
  • You agree to endure all applicable copyright and other laws, as well as any additional copyright notices or restrictions contained on the Site.
  • The trademarks, logos and taglines, displayed on the Site are registered.
  • Software, Shared Documents, videos or any App. accessible for downloading through the site is the copyrighted work of SquareDox. An unauthorized generation or dispersion of these assets are explicitly denied by law and may result in civil and criminal punishments.
  • By using the Site SquareDox Service, you specifically agree not to engage in any movement or transmit any data that,
    • Is illegal, or damages any government, state, or local law or control, Gets Accesses of another client without consent.
    • “Hacks” or accesses secret records, of our exclusive or of another client, or of anybody else, without authorization.
  • The basic functionality of SquareDox file sharing is free from registration and charge.
  • After free trial period the features and options of the SquareDox services depend on the service module purchased.
  • The version of the SquareDox Services that we provide for a free Trial may not include or allow access to all features or functions.
  • SquareDox reserves the right to reduce/change the term of a trial period or end it altogether without prior notice.
  • SquareDox allows user to share Content with others. User need to upload it and provide us with limited number of email addresses of recipient(s) or can choose to distribute a download link. If user use link transfer, in such case user will not be informed of any downloads information by others.
  • SquareDox file sharing provides the possibility to share Content up to a maximum 20GB in size.
  • After the account expiry period SquareDox will perpetually efface the uploaded files. These files will not be available nor retrievable anymore.
  • SquareDox reserves the right to automatically delete all Content uploaded with SquareDox and still available on our servers after expiration of free trial period or account expiration.
  • You shall be responsible for information that you simply transfer or provided in to the SquareDox Services.
  • You may terminate your Account at any time upon 2 weeks / 14 days’ advance written notice to SquareDox. If you wish to terminate, you must provide notice @ cs@SquareDox.com.sg
  • SquareDox will provide billing and usage information in a format we select, which may change from time to time. SquareDox reserves the right to redress any errors or mistakes that it distinguishes indeed in case it has as of now issued an receipt or gotten payment.
  • Billing cycle end dates may change from time to time.
  • All payments required by these Terms are stated exclusive of all taxes, duties, levies, imposts, fines, or similar governmental assessments

Change in Terms & Condition

If there is any changes to this Terms & Condition in the way we managing users data, we shall intimate users of the same via email at least by 2 week / 14 days prior to the enforcement of such change. We will also display a notice on our Platform admin panel regarding the same. If after users receipt of a notice of change to the Terms & Condition he/she do not object to the same and/or continue to use our services, user will be assumed to have provided his/her consent to the changes.